Downloadable pdf of Curriculum vitae

Born: 1960, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Education: Studied at York University and Ontario College of Art and Design
Began Watercolour painting in 1989, began Acrylic in 1994, began Oil in 2004
Graphic Designer 1989-2014

Curriculum vitae

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, July, 2016
Riverdale Artwalk, June, 2016
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, September, 2015
Riverdale Artwalk, June, 2015
Chosen by Saatchi Art online as an emerging Surrealist on May 11, 2015, for Salvador Dali's birthday
Twist Gallery, Toronto, Group Show - “Still Life”, February, 2015
Project Gallery, Toronto, Group Show - “ACCESS”, January, 2015
Illustrator for production of motion picture “ROOM” September, 2014
Exhibitor at the (Juried) Cabbagetown Art Fair, September, 2014
Recieved Honourable Mention, 2014 International Fine Arts Competition, Fusion Gallery, Miami Florida
Exhibited at the Riverdale Art Walk, June, 2014
Group Exhibition of Paintings at Amber Group Gallery, Toronto, March, 2014
Solo Exhibition of Paintings at Amber Group Gallery, Toronto, November, 2013
Exhibitor in Danforth East Art Fair, September, 2013
Exhibitor in Danforth East Art Fair, September, 2012 - Winner of Best in Show and Winner of Runner up for People’s Choice Award
Donated custom painting to silent auction, David Cornfield Melanoma Awareness Fundraiser, April, 2012
Entered Kingston Prize portrait competition, 2011
Donated custom painting to silent auction, Jackman Public School, May 2011
Exhibited in 38th National Open Juried Exhibition of Canadian Society of Artists, 2006
Painted murals in Children’s Circle Daycare, 2005
Exhibited in “Open Water” - juried competition of Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour November - January 2004/2005
Painted mural on spherical airship for Nissan Canada 2002
Painted murals in Montana Restaurant, Toronto 2000

Illustrator for Trace Pictures (Animation Studio, for Cartoon Network) 2004
Illustrator for Airwaves Magazine 1995-2004
Illustrator Urban Pet Magazine 1989
Illustrator for Chirp Magazine 2000
Illustrator for Earth Day Canada 1998-2000


I’m fascinated by the workings of the human mind, the functions and dysfunctions that enable us to create, imagine and dream. I want my recent series of paintings to be visual playgrounds for the mind, stimulating curiosity and imagination, like a confounding memory of an obscure but vivid dream. Whimsical, provocative, perhaps slightly unsettling, they are somehow reminiscent of a distant memory or fleeting thought. Allowing my mind to wander unrestricted, I let the subjects in these works drift freely from my thoughts and onto my canvases. I’ve chosen to paint them in a realistic style. I try to capture qualities of light and colour within strong compositions. Oil painting is the medium with which I choose to express the images I conceive, because for me a certain magic occurs when the illusion of real world objects is conjured with paint. To create some of this magic, give the feeling of an illusive mystery, generate curiousity and wonder is the ultimate goal of my painting.

— Dan Murphy, February, 2015